Appendix 8
He who first among the Angles shall wear the diadem of Brutus shall repair
the city laid waste by slaughter. A fierce people shall forbid the sacrament of
confirmation throughout the country, and in the house of God shall place
images of the gods.
Commentators believe this passage to be directly relative to
Athelstan….as he is said to be the first to wear the crown of the Saxons in
But the Saxons were more wise, kept peace and concord amongst
themselves, tilled their fields and builded anew their cities and castles, and
thus throwing off the sovereignty of the Britons, held the empire of all Loegria
under their Duke Athelstan, who was the first to wear a crown amongst
As we will get to later, when I cover the First Variant, (which was
constructed for a Roman papal audience), we shall see that Henry has had
to follow historical annals more closely than what he later redacted into the
Vulgate HRB. However, this specific prophecy is looking backward through
time and known history and the repair of the city probably refers to
While on the subject of the crown of Brutus I will clarify another
prophecy: …the Lynx that seeth through all things, and shall keep watch to
bring about the downfall of his own race, for through him shall Neustria lose
both islands and be despoiled of her ancient dignity. Then shall the men of the
country be turned back into the island for that strife shall be kindled amongst
the foreigners. An old man, moreover, snowy white, sitting upon a snow-white
horse, shall turn side the river of Pereiron and with a white wand hall
measure out a mill thereon. Cadwallader shall call unto Conan, and shall
receive Albany to his fellowship. Then shall there be slaughter of the
foreigners: then shall the rivers run blood: then shall gush forth the fountains
of Armorica and shall be crowned with the diadem of Brutus. Cambria shall
be filled with gladness and the oaks of Cornwall shall wax green. The island
HRB, XII, xix.
shall be called by the name of Brutus and the name given by foreigners shall
be done away.
Henry Blois wrote the prophecy above which also refers to the crown of
Brutus in the hope that he might return to England after Henry II had been
defeated by a Celtic uprising (which he himself is trying to instigate) and
have the crown himself. This is why he is so nervous about returning to
England in 1158. The Lynx or ‘pest’ is Henry II. Henry Blois is predicting the
present King is going to lose both Britain and Ireland.
The old man is him (as will cover later). Henry Blois has most probably a
white charger and he did divert the River Parratt and build a mill on it. But
the real trickery of Henry is inciting Conan from Brittany with the Welsh
and other Celts referring to the Normans as foreigners.
Henry Blois’ genius
is having Merlin predict these things archaically referring to Neustria and
Armorica as if these could only have been prophesied back in the sixth
This is plainly his plan as can been witnessed in John of Cornwall’s rendition.