Appendix 13
Four shall be anointed, seeking in turn the highest things, and two shall
succeed who shall so wear the diadem that they shall induce the Gauls to
make war on them.
Again the likelihood that the sense of this prophecy has been squewed
for the original in the Libellus Merlini is high. The four as we have discussed
already are William the Conqueror, William Rufus, Henry Ist and King
Stephen. They were anointed. Matilda is the fifth, but it is never stated as
she is Henry’s nemesis; it is only understood when the sixth is mentioned as
Henry II, the Empress Matilda’s son. This is why Henry Blois cleverly posits
in words of prophetic foresight into future events that two shall succeed.
Matilda was nearly crowned but due to the manipulative Henry Blois
starting a rumour, caused Matilda to flee from London.
One not anointed, but both wearing the diadem i.e. fighting over the
crown. When Robert of Gloucester and Matilda returned to establish
Matilda’s claim to the throne, they brought with them mercenaries from the
continent and it is these that caused havoc in the British countryside; these
are the Gaul’s that make war. The reference to the Gauls also may be
pretence to be in the character of Merlin looking on the Normans as Gauls
or may refer to the Angevins in general.