Francis Lot

The reverend Francis Uriah Lot is 74 and lives in Cambodia. 46 years ago he started out working for a French missionary organisation and retired from that life and went into business after the war there. He speaks two Asian languages and three European. What seems like a lifelong interest in the ‘The Matter of Britain’ came about when he received a library full of books relating to the ‘Matter of Britain’ in 1972. He too was put on the same path that Grail hunters have been on since the turn of the twentieth century. He has an English wife and three children. When Francis first saw the geometry derived from the prophecy of Melkin decoded by Kim Yale he knew that it could not be possible that the Melkin Prophecy’s unintelligible Latin pin pointed an island by chance. The variables were too great that it transpired randomly.  Hence, the following volume; written in an untutored hand to motivate the complacent. The reverend Francis is sanguine about the possibility of this generation of scholars ever admitting there is merit to his thesis but relies on the fact that “when his tomb is discovered, it will be seen whole and untouched and will be open to the whole world. From then on those who dwell in that noble Island shall lack neither water nor the dew of heaven. A long time before the Day of Judgment in Josaphat; open shall these things be and told to the living”.
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